Monday, November 22, 2004

Veer Zaara ... Phir na aana Dobara !!

Main Cast: Shahrukh Khan .... Veer Pratap Singh Preity Zinta .... Zaara Hayat Khan Rani Mukherjee .... Saamiya Siddiqui Manoj Bajpai .... Zaara's estranged fiance Amitabh Bachchan .... Mr. Singh (Special Appearance) Hema Malini Well at one go the cast seemed very impressive and though I had bad memories of Baghban, I still thought that maybe just maybe this film would be different with the patriotic thingy thrown in ... Suffice it to say that I was better off trusting my instincts... but the eternal hope of having a good film to see is never dead. The story of the movie is based on the star crossed love story of an Indian boy and a Pakistani girl who get seperated despite the good efforts of the parents and the story line... and how the gentleman in question unknowingly loses out on the best days of his life because of some silly promise made to the girl's fiance. Ahem !! if that is not enough put in huge lengthy happy and sad numbers in places where we could have done away with the songs, and you have a great movie... with tear jerking dialouges and a lot of Sharukh's pouts... As you can see I am highly disappointed with this movie.. Bajpai is the best in this movie... he is the only genuine actor I felt. Old age does not suit Sharukh The saving grace of this movie was maybe the last scene of Sharukh ,.... where he recites a heart touching poem which might bring tears to the emotional eyes.... That was my experience of Veer Zaara... Watch it at your own will..


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