Monday, November 22, 2004

Shark Tale .. nothing much to tell

Directed by Bibo Bergeron Vicky Jenson Main Cast Will Smith .... Oscar (voice) Robert De Niro .... Don Lino (voice) Renée Zellweger .... Angie (voice) Angelina Jolie .... Lola (voice) Jack Black .... Lenny (voice) Martin Scorsese .... Sykes (voice) Ziggy Marley .... Ernie (voice) Doug E. Doug .... Bernie (voice) I love animation no matter what... so here we were outside the theatre on a sunday evening hoping to end the weekend at a good note... having heard a lot about this movie, I was expecting a lot too and given the number of high profile guys doing the voices for the characters.. I was all the more enthused to see what the outcome would be like.. Story The story is about a fish who wanted to be somebody and not a nobody and he had big dreams...with the help of a little fabrication to an event he becomes the shark slayer and brings on himself the wrath of the shark godfather and well the story bounces from here and there... with a bit of humor thrown in here and there ... sometimes it makes you laugh and sometimes it makes you cringe... Technically the characters are well portrayed and if you are familiar with the actors in the movies, the animations bear good resemblance to them and its easy to associate with them ... But as a whole, the movie was somewhat of a bummer... without much meat and lot of things happening here and there and most importantly it is not totally suited for kids I would say. So what is the point of making the animation... if not for the kids... which Will Smith was so proudly heard quoting.. only they know... My reccomendation Check it out..if with kids.. parental guidance is necessary... maybe you will like it if you have not seen Finding Nemo. But for people who liked Finding Nemo will find this a bit dull. And if you have a choice between these two... go for Finding Nemo. Its better on the humor side and the story side...


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