Monday, November 29, 2004

Laws of Attraction... yes there are ...

Casting Starring: Pierce Brosnan, Julianne Moore, Nora Dunn, Frances Fisher, Parker Posey Directed by: Peter Howitt Produced by: Beau St. Clair, David Bergstein, Marc Turtletaub, David T. Friendly, Julie Durk An excellent romantic comedy to light up your senses... between two divorce lawyers out to get each other. While fighting a high profile case they kind of fall in love and end up getting married in a cultural fest in Ireland. I love romantic comedies and totally flipped for this one. Always liked Pierce Brosnan for his bohemian attitude. He is as good as you can get. The relationship goes awry when the case that they are fighting for becomes a bone of contention. A light story with good direction and a flowing script. It is not heavy on the mood and is quite a entertainer. Some might find it a bit dull and nothing new. But then as I said if you like romantic comedies , this is a good one. Given the cast the essential punch however is somewhat missing but you can overlook that. Watch it when you are feeling light headed and you will not notice the bland parts.. :)


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